Zipping up files in RapidReview

If you will be releasing a large number of documents, you can put all of them into a zip file to make it more manageable for yourself and the requester. The requester will only have to download one document which they can then expand on their computer.

Documents can only be zipped from the Ready to Release stage. This is to ensure that no documents can be zipped and release that have draft redactions in them. For the same reason, documents with draft redactions, or which have had draft redactions in them in the past, cannot be included in a zip file.

Steps for zipping up documents

  1. (If needed) move all documents that you want to zip up into the Ready for Release stage
    • For steps for how to move documents between stages click here
  2. Click on the Ready for Release tab
  3. Select all the documents that you want included in the Zip file
  4. Click the Zip files button at the top of the documents list

When the zipping is complete, the zip file will be in the Ready for Release tab, and the original documents will be moved to the Originals tab.