Viewing and Searching within a Document

Once a document has been uploaded to NextRequest, you can view and search within the document, all without leaving NextRequest. This page covers everything you need to know about how to view and search within a document. Click on any of the links in the list to jump to that section.


Steps for Opening a Document in the Document Viewer

  1. Sign In to your account
  2. Navigate to the request that the document has been uploaded to
  3. Locate the Documents section
  4. Legacy page: Click the View () icon next to the document
    New page: Click on the document card


Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 12.17.12 AM

New page : 
Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 5.15.16 PM

Managing the document:

  • Click the Release button () to release the document to the requester. If the request is public this will also make the document public.
  • Click the Retract button () to retract the document and make it no longer visible to the requester and/or the public
  • Click the Delete button () to delete the document. If the document is deleted it will not longer be accessible by the requester, the public, or internal staff
  • Click the Download button () to download the document to your machine
  • Click the Edit button () next to either the Description or Document Name to edit document information


Navigating within the Document

(at the top right of the document viewer in the redaction tool or RapidReview)

  • : Jump to first page
  • : Jump to previous page
  • : Jump to next page
  • : Jump to final page
  • You can also enter the number of the page that you want to go to in the box in the navigation bar


Viewing the Document

Click the View button () at the top left of the document viewer in the redaction tool or RapidReview to show all of these options

  • : Click the Thumbnails button to pull up a navigation panel showing thumbnails of the document pages.
  • : Click the Magnifier Tool button, then click anywhere in the text to show a close up of that area
  • : Click the Rectangle Zoom button, then highlight any section of the text to zoom in on that section
  • : Click the Rotate Document button to rotate all pages in the document 90 degrees
  • : Click the Rotate Page button to rotate only the current page by 90 degrees


Searching within the Document

Click the Search button () at the top of the document viewer to show all of these options in the redaction tool or RapidReview:

  • : Enter a search term, then click the Search button to find all instances of that term in the document. You can select any of the following options to make your search more precise:
    • : Search will match the exact word or phrase entered. If this option is not selected the search will return any instances of any word entered into the search box
    • : Search will only return instances where the case (uppercase/lowercase) matches what you have entered in the search box
    • : Search will only return instances of the whole word. If this option is not selected, then the search will return any words that include the search term within it
    • : Search will return any words that start with the text in the search box
    • : Search will return any words that end with the text in the search box
    • : Search will interpret any asterisks (*) in the search box as wildcards
    • : Search will perform a Proximity Search and return all instances where the terms in the search box are within the specified distance of each other. Proximity Searches must be in the format “Term1 Term2 ~Number”, where Term1 and Term2 are the terms you are looking for and Number is the maximum number of words that can be between them. So for example the search “Florida law ~2” will return the instance “Florida’s public records law” but “Florida law ~1” will not.
  • : Click the Search Options button to show or hide the list of search results
  • Click the triangle in the search box to display a list of previous searches
  • Click the Previous and Next buttons to jump between search results
  • Click an entry in the Results list to go directly to that result


Zooming within the Document

(at the bottom of the viewer in the redaction tool or RapidReview)

  • : Click the Pan button, then click and drag the document to move what part of the document is visible
  • : Click the Zoom In button to zoom out
  • : Click the Zoom Out button to zoom in
  • : Click the Fit Content button to fit the document to the width of the screen
  • : Click the Full Screen button to make the document viewer full screen. Click it again to exit out of full screen view
  • Click the Zoom Percentage Number to pull up a list of zoom options.