Understanding PST folders in RapidReview

I've extracted a PST, how do I understand the relationship between files?

The folder structure in RapidReview varies depending on if you have extracted PST or ZIP files or created your own folders. This article covers the typical set up for an extracted PST file. Please see this article for instructions on how to extract PSTs: Extracting PST, MSG, and ZIP files

Understanding folders

When you're using RapidReview the easiest way to see the association between files is to look on the left at the folder structure. In general you will see a folder with the name of the original PST file if you extracted one.

Tip: If you don't see folders on the left, you may need to zoom out in your browser slightly. This is common if you're using a laptop or smaller screen.

 Once you see the folders there are small arrows to the left of each folder, if you click on the arrow it will open the folder to show subfolders. Generally each subfolder represents an email thread and any associated attachments.
 See below for an example:


At the very top you can see the file organization. We are looking at request 20-52 in a test portal, the bill_rapp_000_1_1 extracted PST, specifically the "Enron in Action 10.29.01" email thread.
On the left you can see this represented as folders and subfolders. Clicking on the arrow will open the subfolders, in this case the "bill_rapp_000_1_1-extracted" folder is open and the "Enron in Action 10.29.01" subfolder selected. This subfolder represents an email thread with the subject line of the same name and contains two files, one is the email and one is a DOC attachment named "Enron in Action Submission Form" associated with the email thread. The number to the right of the subfolder name represents the number of files within the folder in any stage.
Please note: Your request may look different if there are multiple extracted PSTs, ZIPs, files that were uploaded separately, etc. You may also see files in different stages such as Needs Redaction or Redacted if the request has already been worked on.