The General Report

How can I run a general portal performance report?

This is a general portal performance report that is print-friendly and ready to export with a few clicks. It is intended to give you a quick, high level overview to compliment the more robust "all requests" spreadsheet export as well as the other reports in the portal.

As with other NextRequest reports, you can select a custom date range to apply to the report.


Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 9.59.06 PM


To access the General Report (available for Admins only):

  1. Click the Reports tab in the top right corner of the portal
  2. Click General Report
  3. Select your date range for the report
  4. Click Export - this will generate the report and download it to your computer!


Information you can get from the General Report:

General Overview

  • Requests received
  • Total requests in the portal at beginning of reporting period
  • Requests closed
  • Requests open
  • Requests overdue
  • Requests paused

Response and Fulfillment

  • # of late responses
  • Median response time (time taken to send a message)
  • Mean response time (average)
  • # of requests closed after due date
  • # requests fulfilled on time
  • Median fulfillment time (time taken to close request)
  • Mean fulfillment time (time taken to close request)

Staff Time

  • Total hours spent on all requests
  • Median # of hours spent on all requests
  • Average # of hours spent on all requests

Staff Cost (only if you have the payments module)

  • Total dollars spent fulfilling requests
  • Median dollars spent fulfilling requests
  • Average dollars spent fulfilling requests

Cost Recovery (only if you have the payments module)

  • Total # of requests with invoices
  • Total dollars earned ($)
  • Median dollars earned ($)
  • Average dollars earned ($)

Requests by department

  • New
  • Closed
  • Median fulfillment time
  • Average fulfillment time

Message Templates Report (total # of times each template was used)

Closure Response Report (total # of times each closure response was used)

Tag Report (Total # of times each tag was used)



We've made some assumptions that impact the data that's being pulled. Please take a look at them below (also listed at the end of your report).

  • Requests Overdue
    • For requests that were closed prior to October 28, 2018 requests are counted as overdue only if they were overdue at the time the request was closed.
  • Late Responses
    • A late response indicates that there were no documents released; no message or invoice sent to the requester; or that the request remained open past its due date.
  • Response and Fulfillment Speed
    • Response time is tracked using the first external message sent through the NextRequest portal. This metric assumes that the message sent includes either a "request for clarification" or a time estimate.
    • Fulfillment time is calculated based on the time from when the request was created to the first date the request was closed (if there are multiple closed dates, only the first one is used).
    • Median days to close and average days to close are calculated based on the number of requests that have a closed date within the reporting period.
  • Staff Time
    • Staff time only accounts for time logged in NextRequest. This metric assumes that staff members regularly log all staff time in the portal and that the hourly rates are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Staff Cost
    • Staff cost only accounts for costs logged in NextRequest. This metric assumes that staff members regularly log costs in the portal.
  • Message Templates Report
    • The message templates report tracks message template usage from February 25, 2018 onwards.