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Setting up Payments

Note: In order to process payments through NextRequest you will need to purchase NextRequest's payments module. If you are interested in the payments module, please email info@nextrequest.com.

Depending on local laws, you may charge requesters for the cost of materials and/or time spent fulfilling their public records requests. With NextRequest's payment module, you can invoice requesters and accept their payments directly in NextRequest. All payments are processed by Stripe. NextRequest does not store your bank information or requesters credit card information.

This document covers everything you need to do to set up your account to invoice requesters and receive payments. Click on any link below to jump directly to that section:

For information about how to log hours spent on a request click here.

For information about how to invoice a requester on an individual request click here.

How to Set up Payments

Payments are processed by Stripe. NextRequest does not store your bank account information and does not handle any payments directly. You can start accepting payments as soon as your Stripe account is set up.

Steps for setting up payments

  1. Sign In to your portal
  2. Click the ADMIN link in the header
  3. Click the Portal Settings link in the subheader
  4. Click Payments in the menu along the right hand side
  5. Click the Connect Stripe button
  6. Follow the prompts and complete the required fields to create a Stripe account
  7. Click the button "Authorize access to this account"
  8. (Optional) Return to General Settings tab and check the box next "Charge credit card processing fees to customers?" and click Save. If this box is checked, the cost to you of processing the requester's credit card will be added to the requester's invoice.

How to Create an Invoice Template

You can create templates to use when invoicing users.Templates are a digital version of a form letter and can help save you time when invoicing requesters. They can include information for the requester as well as any fields that your staff need to fill out.

Steps for creating an invoice template

  1. Click the ADMIN link in the header
  2. Click the All Templates link in the sub-header
  3. Click Invoice Templates
  4. Click the CREATE INVOICE TEMPLATE button
  5. Enter the Name and Template Text for your invoice template
  6. Click the SAVE button

How to Set a Staff Member's Hourly Rate

Depending on how you charge requesters for requests, you may want to track the cost of the time each member of your staff spends on a request. You can do this by setting the hourly rate of each staff member in NextRequest. This rate will be used to calculate the cost of the time each staff member spends on a request.

Steps for setting a staff member's hourly rate

  1. Click the ADMIN link in the header
  2. Click the Users link in the sub-header
  3. Enter that user's hourly rate in the box "Hourly rate (dollars per hour)"
  4. Click the SAVE button