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Setting a Default Response Time Limit and Reminders

Note: Only Admins can change the default response time.

You can set a default Response Time Limit and Due Soon Reminder for your entire organization to ensure that no requests are forgotten. Based on the default response time limit, icons will display within the application indicating if requests are due soon () or overdue (). These icons are only visible to staff and not the general public. In addition, email reminders will be sent out notifying assigned staff when requests are due soon and overdue.

For information about how to change the due date of an individual request click here.

Steps for setting the Response Time Limit and Due Soon Reminders

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Click the ADMIN link in the header
  3. Click Portal Settings link in the sub-header
  4. Click Due Dates in the menu on the right hand side
  5. Select the calculation type that applies to your organization:
    • Calendar days: this will count every day (weekdays, weekends, and holidays) towards the due date
    • Modified calendar days: this will count every day towards the due date except if the request's due date falls on a weekend or holiday, it will automatically be shifted to the next business day
    • Business days: this will only count weekdays towards the due date, not weekends or U.S. federal holidays
  6. In the field titled 'How many days until due?', enter the number of days that staff have to respond to a request
  7. In the field titled 'How many days before due date do you want to send a reminder?', enter the number of days before the time limit that staff should be reminded that the request is due (both by indicating in the application and sending reminder emails).
  8. Click the SAVE button