Requester Email Notifications

Requesters receive various email notifications pertaining to their requests. Below are examples of what these emails look like. Please note, requesters are able to edit their own notification preferences when logged in as a guest user.


Important: If a requester claims they did not receive a notification, please advise them to whitelist/add to trusted email senders and/or the domain to ensure they receive notification emails. 

Requester Notification Email Samples

Below you will see examples of the different types of email notifications your requester could receive. The part of the notification that is in bold is auto generated. The unbold text is customized by you when setting up your portal.

  1. Requester Email Notification for a Request Opened

2. Requester email notification for Request published

3. Requester email notification for Message Added

4. Requester email notification for Document Released

5. Requester email notification for Invoice Created

6. Email notification for Invoice Paid

7. Requester email notification for Request Closed