Request Process Overview

How is a request processed?


This Article will help all Staff members understand the workflow and elements of processing a public records request using NextRequest.



  • Requester - the member of the public who has submitted the request.
  • Point of Contact - The staff member who owns and oversees a request.
  • Support Staff - The staff member(s) assigned to help the Point of Contact fulfill requests.



  1. Request entered online by the requester. Staff members can enter requests if they arrive via another way such as fax, email or phone.
  2. Email notifications sent to the requester and Point of Contact.
  3. Add Helpers or change Point of Contact as necessary. Email notifications are sent to everyone involved with the request when these actions occur.
  4. Post messages as necessary to get clarification from a requester or give information to them. Email notifications will be sent to everyone involved when a message is posted.
  5. Add a document to the request. You can either upload a document directly, provide a link to a document if it's already online, or give a description of how a document can be accessed.
  6. Close the request once it has been adequately responded to.