Release (August 24, 2020) - All Requests Page Updates

What are the latest updates made to the All Requests page?

This release includes a number of usability updates collected over the last month following the release of the new All Requests Page in July. Thank you to all the users who took the time to write in to request these updates. We're always eager to hear your feedback.


Keyboard Shortcut to Apply Filters

Many of you requested we re-implement using a keyboard shortcut to apply filters. Although we were unable at this time to implement the legacy pattern of pressing ENTER to apply filters, users are now able to press CONTROL+ENTER to apply filters. This will allow our power-users to more efficiently navigate through their workflows without exposing the page to the same performance vulnerabilities we experienced with the legacy pattern. We will be adding a tooltip reminder in an upcoming release.


Typeahead Clarifications

We heard some confusion about the function of the new typeahead searches work, so we've added some language to clarify. When you click on one of these filters (Point of contact, Staff, Requesters, Departments, Tags, Closure Response) you'll now have the instruction to begin searching.



Save Table Column Display Settings

We also heard that many of you were using our column visibility feature to customize your views in ways you wanted to persist across visits, so we made that the default behavior. Now when you hide a column, leave the page, and come back, you will only see the columns you wanted to see previously. If you want to un-hide a column, you'll need to do it manually.


Table Row Visibility Contrast

We also heard that the previous pattern of contrasting every other row of the table was easier for many of you to read, so we re-implemented that feature.



Mobile Optimization

We heard from a number of our users that they had workflows that necessitated visiting the page on mobile sizes and it was proving difficult. We've updated how the page behaves on smaller screens so that:

  • The Filter Sidebar is automatically closed on visiting, you can open it by clicking on the Funnel icon (Screen_Shot_2020-08-20_at_7.41.36_PM.png)
  • When you Apply Filters on mobile, the filters sidebar will close automatically, displaying the results. You can open the Filter Sidebar by clicking on the Funnel icon (Screen_Shot_2020-08-20_at_7.41.36_PM.png)
  • Pagination is now simplified on mobile.
  • The Page Footer does not display on mobile, as it was occupying too much screen space on smaller screens.