Release (August 8, 2020) - JLARC Exemption & Private Dept. Visibility Fix

Release updates the HB1594 (JLARC) Reporting feature enabling users to exclude certain requests from reporting. It also patches a bug in Department visibility on the All Requests Page whereby it was possible for external users to view private departments.

HB1594 Reporting

Admins may now exempt certain requests from the HB1594 Report. To do this the Admin simply creates a new tag and applies it to the requests they wish to exempt (identifies an existing one already applied to those requests.) At this time the Admin should also remove any other tags from the request. The Exemption feature will not exempt requests that have tags other than the one(s) selected in the report modal.

The admin then navigates to the Reports page in the Admin window, selects the HB1594 Report, and selects the tag(s) they wish to exempt from reporting in the modal.


As a reminder, this selection above would only exempt those requests that have the "Duplicate" tag and no others. It would not exempt, for example, a request that had the "Duplicate" tag and the "For Legal Review" tag.

Then run the report as usual. The exempted request numbers will be listed at the bottom of the report.


If this feature is successful in the HB1594 reporting, we may add it to the General Report. If you think this would be useful, please let us know.

Private Dept Visibility Fix

A user reported that their Private Departments were visible to External Users in the new All Requests Page. We have updated the page to limit the visibility of Private Departments.