Release (26-05-19) - The General Report

The main feature in this release is the General Report. This is a general portal performance report that is print-friendly and ready to export with a few clicks. It is intended to give you a quick, high level overview to compliment the more robust "all requests" spreadsheet export as well as the other reports in the portal.

As with other NextRequest reports, you can select a custom date range to apply to the report.

To access the General Report (available for Admins only):

  1. Click the Reports tab in the top right corner of the portal
  2. Click General Report
  3. Select your date range for the report
  4. Click Export - this will generate the report and download it to your computer!

Information you can get from the General Report:

General Overview

  • Requests received
  • Total requests in the portal at beginning of reporting period
  • Requests closed
  • Requests open
  • Requests overdue
  • Requests paused

Response and Fulfillment

  • # of late responses
  • Median response time (time taken to send a message)
  • Mean response time (average)
  • # of requests closed after due date
  • # requests fulfilled on time
  • Median fulfillment time (time taken to close request)
  • Mean fulfillment time (time taken to close request)

Staff Time

  • Total hours spent on all requests
  • Median # of hours spent on all requests
  • Average # of hours spent on all requests

Staff Cost (only if you have the payments module)

  • Total dollars spent fulfilling requests
  • Median dollars spent fulfilling requests
  • Average dollars spent fulfilling requests

Cost Recovery (only if you have the payments module)

  • Total # of requests with invoices
  • Total dollars earned ($)
  • Median dollars earned ($)
  • Average dollars earned ($)

Requests by department

  • New
  • Closed
  • Median fulfillment time
  • Average fulfillment time

Message Templates Report (total # of times each template was used)

Closure Response Report (total # of times each closure response was used)

Tag Report (Total # of times each tag was used)