Release 1.7.1 (25-6-18) - Combine common request actions, initial contact template in request timeline, and ongoing application redesign

New features in this release:

Change Request Visibility and Close Request in the Same Action

Overview: We know that a lot of you follow a workflow where you close out a request and then immediately publish it. Now you can do it all from the same menu! Just select the new visibility you want the request to have on the same menu where you enter the closure response and you're all set.

How to use this feature: When you open the Close Request menu you'll see a new drop-down labeled 'Change Request Visibility (optional)' below the response field. Once you've completed the rest of the closure response, select the new request visibility from the drop-down and click SAVE.

Things to be aware of:

  • The current visibility status of the request will be selected by default, so if you don't want to change the visibility you don't need to do anything
  • Staff users will not see the change visibility option in the Close Request menu

Documents Can Be Released to Requester During Upload

Overview: You can now release documents directly to the requester at the same time as you upload them. Previously, documents could only be released to the public when uploading

How to use this feature: When you are uploading documents in the 'Add New Document' pop-up menu, you will now see a 'Document Visibility' drop-down. Select the visibility that you want for the document (Public, Requester + Staff, or Staff Only) before clicking the SAVE button.

Things to be aware of:

  • The Document Visibility drop-down has replaced the 'Release to public' checkbox. If you would like to release documents to the public when uploading you can do so by selecting Public from the drop-down
  • Staff users will not see the Document Visibility drop-down

Initial Contact Template Included in Request Timeline

Overview: If your agency has set an Initial Contact template to go out when a request is submitted, that template will now be recorded in the request timeline as an external message. No new information is being sent to the requester - the only change is that the automatic message that was sent to the requester is now included in the timeline for both requesters and internal users.

Things to be aware of:

  • The initial contact template will only be recorded for requests opened starting June 25, 2018. Requests that were created before that date will not show the template.

Ongoing Redesign of Application

Overview: Noticed a bit of a different look in NextRequest lately? We've been gradually rolling out a redesign of the application, including a new color scheme, updated icons, and formatting changes to buttons and menus. All of these changes are cosmetic unless specially indicated - any design changes that also include functionality changes will be listed separately in a release announcement.

Misc Bug Fixes and Minor Updates

  • Visibility can be changed for a document folder, or all documents on a request, after a request has been closed
  • The 'x' option to delete a tag has been restored for Internet Explorer
  • Closure responses are now always fully visible by default. Previously responses that were greater than 200 characters were hidden behind a 'details' link
  • Tag list is now alphabetical on both All Requests page and drop-down selection list on individual requests
  • Anticipated fulfillment date can not be edited after a request has been closed (Washington agencies only)