Release 1.6.3 (22-4-18) - Document changes on closed requests, internal department visibility, and new user invites

New features in this release:

Ability to upload documents and edit document visibility on closed requests

Overview: It is now possible to upload and release documents to requesters after requests have been closed, meaning you no longer need to reopen a request to upload or release another document!

How to use this feature: You'll notice that the upload document icon () and the change visibility icon () are now visible even when the request is closed. Just click the icon you want and follow the regular steps!

Things to know about this feature:

  • All internal users can upload documents to a closed request.
  • Only publishers, admins and department admins can release documents on a closed request.
  • Users will be notified and the timeline updated the same as if the request were open

Ability for staff users to add other support staff to requests

Overview: Staff users now have the ability to add other users to requests, where as before they could only add themselves. Oftentimes, staff users may need to be able to add other colleagues to requests, and instead of having to ask someone else to do this for them, they can now do it themselves!

How to use this feature: When on a request, Staff users will now see a plus sign () in the Staff section next to the word Support. You can add as many users as you like, and even add an internal message along with it.

Things to know about this feature:

  • All internal users can now add staff to requests, even on a closed request
  • Staff are still unable to edit the Point of Contact on a request or add or remove Departments

Private (internal only) departments (Admins Only)

Overview: You can now set departments to be visible only to internal staff. Like regular departments, these internal departments can be used to automatically add and remove users. Internal departments are not visible to requesters or the public anywhere on the request, and requesters can not select internal departments when submitting a request. Internal departments are great for sub-departments or cross-departmental groups that might confuse a requester but are useful for tracking and/or auto-assignment of users.

How to use this feature: To set a department as private, find the department on the list in the Departments section. Click the button on the right for Make Private. If you would like to make a department public again, click the Make Public button next to it

Things to know about this feature:

  • Only Admins and Department Admins can make departments private
  • Other than visibility to requesters and the public, internal departments function exactly the same as regular departments
  • Internal departments are included in the totals in the Admin Dashboard
  • Requesters will see nothing related to any private departments anywhere in NextRequest - this includes the Department field on the request, the timeline, the department drop-down of the Make Request page, and the Departments list in the All Request page

Invite a User feature (Admins Only)

Overview: Admins (and Department Admins) can now send an invite to new users directly from NextRequest. Admins now have the option of sending an invite to a new user after going through the regular user creation flow, or they can use a new 'Invite User' flow to quickly create and invite multiple users at once.

How to use this feature:

Method 1: Under the Users tab (Admins and Department Admins only), you will now see a new button that says Invite Users. When you click this, you'll be prompted to add one or more email addresses as well as set the users' roles and departments. After all desired users' email addresses have been added, click Invite Users and your email invitation will be sent! On the new user's end, they will receive an email notification inviting them to finish setting up their account and create a password. If you want to set the user to be the Point of Contact for or auto-assigned to a department's requests, be sure to do this on the Departments tab after sending the invites.

Method 2: Admins can still add users the original way if that is the preferred method (or, for example, if they don't want users to be alerted of the fact that their accounts have been created yet). Once you're ready to send invitations to the users who's accounts you've set up, you can click the Send Invite button next to their name on the users list.

Things to know about this feature:

  • Only Admins and Department Admins can invite users
  • The new users' accounts will not be active until they confirm their account by accepting the invitation. You can always click "Resend Invite" to remind them to do so.
  • Users who have been sent an invite can still setup their account by clicking the 'Lost password/can't sign in' link on the Sign In page