Release 1.5.4 (24-9-17) - time logged and payment reports, enhanced search, require department selection, filter by no tags assigned

New features in this release:

[Admins Only] New reports for time logged, invoicing and payments, and users

Overview: Admins can now download detailed reports on users, time logged on requests, and invoices and payments for requesters. All of these reports are accessible from the new Reports link in the top right. For each type of report, you can select a date range for the information and what types of information you would like to include. The report will download as an XLSX file which you can open in Excel or another spreadsheet program.

How to use this feature: Click the new Reports button in the top right (between Admin and Settings), then click the type of report you would like to run. The options are 'Users List', 'Time Tracking' and (if you've purchased the add-on Payments module) 'Invoicing and Payments.' For each report you can choose to run it for All Time or for Custom Dates. The following additional customization options are available for each report:

  • Users List: Select which roles you would like to include in the report as well as whether to include deactivated users
  • Time Tracking: Select whether you want to report on total time logged for each department, total time for each user, total time on a request by staff member, or all individual time entries across all request
  • Invoices Report: Select whether to include invoices that were paid and/or are outstanding.

Once you have selected the options you prefer for that report, click the Generate button to download the data as an XLSX file.

Things to be aware of:

  • Only Admins can see the new Reports link
  • The Invoicing and Payments report will only be visible to users who have the add-on Payments module
  • If you would like to see total time logged per request, you can do so through the Run Report option on the All Requests page (for more info click here)
  • The new Users List report includes all the information in the older 'Export Staff' report in the Users tab, as well as the Sign in Count, Last Sign In and (if applicable) Deactivated Date for all users. Unlike the 'Export Staff' report you can also choose to include requesters and/or deactivated users

Enhanced search now includes messages, requester company, and more

Overview: Several of the search features on the All Requests have been enhanced to search more fields and in some case to include partial matches in addition to full matches. In particular, the main search field now searches internal and external messages, and the Requester search field now searches Company and Phone Number. If you're not sure of the exact number of a request, you can now use the main search field to search for part of the request number. Previously that field only returned the exact match for the request number entered.

How to use this feature: You can continue to enter the previous search terms you used in the same fields as well as the new ones that are now available. You will likely notice an increased number of results as the search covers more fields and includes more partial matches. While the search results are weighted so that more likely matches are higher up, you may find it helpful to enter longer or more precise search terms than before to compensate for the more thorough results

Things to be aware of:

  • The main search field on the All Requests page now searches request ID, request description, Point of Contact name, requester name, internal and external messages, tags, and closure reasons
  • If a request number (or part of one) is entered in the main search field it will also return partial matches. The complete match will be at the top of the list
  • The requester field now searches the requester Company and Phone Number in addition to Name and Email
  • The enhancements to search were released a couple weeks before the main release date so you may have noticed the new behavior prior to this release announcement

Ability to filter request that have no tags assigned

Overview: In addition to filtering requests on the All Requests page by one or more specific tags, you can now view only the requests that have no tag assigned.

How to use this feature: If you go to the All Requests page and click in the text field under the Tags header (towards the bottom on the left) you will see a new option at the top of the list, 'No assigned tags.' Click 'No assigned tags" to apply the filter.

Things to be aware of:

  • One scenario where the 'No assigned tags' filter would be useful is if all new requests go through a triaging process and you need to see at a glance which requests need to be triaged. For this scenario, you could now have a 'triaged' (or similar) tag that is added to each request after it is triaged. Alternatively if all triaged requests are given one of several category tags, then one of those tags can be added to each request without the need for a specific triaged tag. The person responsible for triaging can then filter by 'No assigned tags' on the All Requests page to see which requests still need to be looked at.

[Admins Only] Ability to require a requester to select a department

Overview: Depending on how your portal is set up, requesters may have the option to select the department that they think is most appropriate for their request. Previously the requester could leave the department field blank in which case the request would be assigned to the Point of Contact for the portal. You can now make the department field required so that the requester cannot submit the request until they've selected a department. This option is particularly recommended for decentralized agencies where there is no central person or department who is responsible for unassigned requests.

How to use this feature: Click the Admin link in the top right, then General Settings. Find the Policies tile, then scroll down to the section headed Requester Form. Check the box "Require requester to select a department?" then scroll to the bottom and click the Save button

Things to be aware of:

  • You can only check the box "Require requester to select a department?" if you've already checked the box above it, "Requester can assign department to a request?"
  • Internal users who are submitting requests on behalf of requesters will not be required to select a department when submitting a request

Usability Improvements to the General Settings page

Overview: We've made some improvements to the General Settings page so that information is easier to find and the different settings options are easier to understand. No portal settings have been updated, however some of them may look a bit different at first glance due to the improvements.

How to use this feature: Admins can access the General Settings page by clicking the Admin link in the upper right, then the General Settings link at the far right of the Admin sub-header.