Release (6-Feb-2017) - Request printing, date/time stamp in timeline

New features in this release:

Ability to Print a Request

Overview: You can now generate a PDF of a request which can be printed or downloaded. The PDF includes all basic request information, the names of documents uploaded to the request, and the entire request timeline.

How to use this feature: When you go to a request you will see a new Print icon () in the top right next to the Close/Reopen icon. Click the Print icon to generate a PDF of the request. Look for download and print icons in the top right of the PDF widow to download or print the file.

Things to be aware of:

  • The names of documents uploaded to the request will be listed in the Documents section of the PDF but the documents themselves are not included. You can download each document on the request from that document's View page.
  • The "As of [date/time]" line towards the top of the first page records when the PDF was generated

Date/Time Stamp in Timeline

The exact date and time that an event occurred is listed in the timeline. Previously, the event listed the time in the form "X days ago" and you could hover over that line to see the exact date and time.