Release (30-Jan-2017) - Multi-dept requests, hide dept menu from requesters, sent email history

New features in this release:

Multi-Department Assignment

Overview: You can now assign requests to more than one department at a time. This makes it easier to coordinate requests that require responsive documents from multiple departments and/or input from different groups (for example fulfillment by a department and oversight from a group of attorneys).

How to use this feature: When you go to edit the department you will see a new "Assign Departments" field instead of the previous drop-down menu. Click inside this field and select each department you want to assign from the list. To remove a department, click the 'X' next to it. Be sure that the Point of Contact you want assigned is shown in the next menu.

How to continue what you were doing before: If you want to assign requests to only one department you can continue to do so. The only thing that is different is that instead of immediately seeing a drop-down menu to select the Department, you will need to first click the "Assign Departments" field to display the drop-down. As long as only one department is added, Point of Contact and Support Staff will be automatically assigned as before.

Things to be aware of:

  • Each request can still have only one Point of Contact. If you are assigning multiple departments to a request, select the department Point of Contact that you want assigned from the drop-down menu. The Points of Contact for the other departments will be assigned as Support Staff on the request.
  • All Support Staff from all assigned departments will be added to the request.
  • Requesters can still only select one department when submitting a request. Logged-in internal staff who are submitting a request on behalf of the requester can select multiple departments.
  • (Admins only) Requests will now be included in multiple departments' count in the Admin Dashboard. The total number of requests will stay the same.

Hide Department Drop-Down from Requesters

Overview: You can now choose to hide the department select drop-down from Requesters. All requests will be assigned to no departments when submitted and the account Point of Contact can then choose what department(s) to assign them to.

How to use this feature: (Admins only) Go to the Admin > General Settings and locate the Policies section. Uncheck the box next to "Requester can assign department to a request?" then scroll to the bottom of the section and click the SAVE button.

How to continue what you were doing before: You don't need to do anything different. The Assign Department drop-down is visible to requesters by default so if you don't uncheck that field they'll continue to see it

Things to be aware of:

  • The Department Assignment menu will still be shown to logged-in internal staff when they submit a request on behalf of the requester.

History of Sent Emails

Overview: You can now view the history of every notification email that has been sent to a requester. Each email's history is listed as a series of events, with the date and time that the event occurred. The three events are Sent, Delivered, and Opened.

How to use this feature: Navigate to the request you want to view the Sent Email History for and click the "View email status" link under Requester information in the upper left.

Things to be aware of:

  • Email history only goes back to 1/16/17. Emails sent before then will not be displayed.
  • Emails are shown in chronological order
  • There is no email history for notification emails to internal staff
  • "Delivered" means that the email was delivered to the requester's email server. It is not a guarantee that the email made it to their inbox as there is the possibility that the email was blocked or filtered out past the point that NextRequest can see.