Release 1.3.5

We've made lots of improvements to the application in the past few weeks:

  1. Changed pagination on the Request Index page to 25, 50, 100. Now when you select the number of items you want to see on the request page it will become your default view.
  2. Messages are now optional when adding helpers. When you add a helper you are no longer required to add a message for that new helper.
  3. Added 'Last Year' date range to dashboard. You can now view all of your stats for last year on the dashboard page.
  4. Added more characters to the request text in the daily digest. In the daily digest you'll see the first 200 characters of the request text. This will give you more context about the request.
  5. Fixed timezone issue in the daily digest. Some users reported seeing incorrect dates in daily digest. We added timezones to the digest, which fixes this display error.
  6. Added template support for internal messages. The same templates you use for external messages can now be applied to internal messages.
  7. Multiple helpers can be added all at once. Instead of adding helpers one at a time, you can now select multiple helpers and add them all at once.