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Recommended Notification Settings for Staff Users

What email notifications should I have as a staff user?

One of NextRequest's features is that it sends you an email notification each time an update is made to a request that you are assigned to. By default, notifications for all events on requests assigned to you are turned on. Depending on the number of requests you are assigned to this can add up to a lot of notifications. We recommend disabling the notifications that don't provide information that you need to act on immediately. You can view less urgent updates in the daily digest which lists all changes made in the previous 24 hours to requests that you are assigned to.

While the exact notifications that are most useful vary depending on the particular user, we have some general recommendations for users in the Staff role. Read on for information about how to update which notifications you receive and recommended notifications for Staff users.


Steps for updating notification settings

  1. Log in to your NextRequest account
  2. Click the Settings link in the upper right
  3. In the Email Preferences column, uncheck the box next to any notifications you don't want to receive (see recommendations in next section)
  4. Scroll down and click the SAVE button at the bottom of the Email Preferences column


Recommended notifications for Staff users

For Staff users we recommend always having the following notifications turned on. These notifications, along with the Daily Digest and overdue/due soon notifications, are the only ones turned on by default for all Staff user accounts created after July 2017.

  • You are auto-assigned to newly opened request
  • You are added as the Point of Contact
  • You are added as support staff
  • You are assigned to a task
  • You are notified in an internal message

Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 3.04.58 PM

With these notifications you can be sure to always be notified when you are assigned as support staff to a request, and when you are asked to do something by another member of your organization. If that is all that you need, then uncheck the boxes next to all other notification events.

Depending on your organization's process you may want to be notified about additional events. The most likely ones are:

  • External message added (if an update from the requester might change the work you need to do and you don't expect the request Point of Contact to update you separately)
  • You are removed as Point of Contact (if your organization assigns Staff users as the Point of Contact on requests)
  • Due date changed (if the new date will impact how you approach the request)