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NextRequest Weekly Webinar Schedule

Every month, the NextRequest Customer Experience team puts on a series of webinars. Please see below for session descriptions and schedule.

These webinars are a general overview of process and functionality but not catered to a specific portal. Any portal-specific questions can be answered by reaching out to us at support@nextrequest.com

Register for a session below, or view all our webinars on our Company Page.

Session Descriptions:

Staff Refresher Training -
Overview of managing a records request from start to finish and personal settings. Topics include uploading documents, redacting documents, sending messages, tracking staff time, and closing requests.

Administrator Refresher Training -
Overview of Administrator functions and setting up your portal. Topics include portal configuration, creating templates, alerts, user and department management, tags, and reporting.

Department Admin Refresher Training -

Overview of Department Admin functions and configuring department settings. Topics include request routing, visibility, templates, tags, and department user management.

RapidReview Webinar -
Learn more about the RapidReview module. RapidReview enables you to batch redact many files at a time and zip files for release. Draft redact so that you can collaborate and review with other teams. Extract and de-duplicate PSTs and email threads to make review that much faster. Learn how to use these features to improve and expedite your workflow.

Payments/Single Sign On Webinar -
Learn more about the Payments and Single Sign On modules. Payments enables you to invoice requesters for their requests and process payments online. Single Sign On enhances your portal's security and allows staff to login using their agency credentials. Learn more about how these features can benefit your agency.

Retention Webinar -

Learn about our retention feature! Retention allows you to adhere to your local retention schedule and manage storage utilization in your portal. Learn how to set your retention period, when items are deleted, and how to exempt requests and documents from deletion.