Known Issues

We strive to squash bugs as soon as we can, but sometimes the issue is more complicated and takes a little longer than we prefer to fix. In that case we will add the issue to this page so you can see the current status as well as any workarounds that are available. If you have any questions please reach out to and we are happy to help!


In queue: The issue is currently in our backlog to be prioritized

Investigation: We are investigating the issue and trying to reproduce

In Process: We have reproduced the issue and are working on a fix

Fix scheduled: The fix has been written and it will go out in the next release

Fixed: The issue has been resolved, notify us if you are still having trouble


Open issues:

Intermittent errors burning in redactions - When redacting fillable PDFs or other special document types, sometimes an error pops up saying there was an error burning in the redactions.

Workaround: Printing the file to PDF before redacting usually strips out the elements that are preventing the redactions from burning in.

Status: In Process


Past issues: 

Intermittent 504 gateway timeout and XML errors for some customers - 7/1/21 issue caused intermittent errors preventing smooth access and request processing. 

Status: Fixed


Change Visibility icon missing in Ready for Release stage for Admins - In RapidReview the Change Visibility icon is missing for Admin users.

Status: Fixed


Problem submitting requests with an attachment - Sometimes when a requester adds a file to their request it will prevent them from submitting the request when all required fields are filled out.

Status: Fixed


All Requests Report not filtering for customers with large amounts of data - Sometimes the All Requests report will not filter correctly if there are many filters applied or a lot of data in the portal. In that case the report will contain all requests.

Status: Fixed