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How to submit a request and create an account

Creating an account is super simple, just submit a request! If you include an email address in your request an account is created for you automatically. Depending on the portal, you may be sent emails where you can download your records directly. In some cases though you may need to login to the portal to access your records. 

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How to submit a request:

  1. Locate the agency portal. In general you can locate the portal on the agency's website by searching for public records. Or you can use your preferred search engine to search for "[agency] public records requests" for example "City of Townsville, WA public records requests"
  2. In the agency portal click Make RequestScreen Shot 2021-10-22 at 12.46.41 PM
  3. Enter your request in the Request Description box. In general we recommend being as specific as possible with your desired records to help the agency route and fulfill your request. If the agency makes requests public, the request description will also be public so do not input private information in this section.
    Please note: Depending on your request you may see a yellow pop up message in the request description box. These notices may provide you with additional information, links to available resources, etc. so we recommend reviewing these notices before submitting your request. Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 12.50.45 PM
  4. Complete all required fields marked with an asterisk *, optional fields are helpful to include if relevant to your request.
  5. If you want to create an account input an email address in the box provided. You will be prompted to create a password after you submit your request and sent an email to confirm your account.
  6. Click Make Request

Creating an account:

  1. If you provided an email address with your request the system will ask you to create a password on the next page. You can do this now by entering your desired password twice in the boxes provided and click Create Password. If you want to create a password later, click on the Do This Later linkScreen Shot 2021-10-22 at 1.05.09 PM

  2. You will receive an email confirming your request was submitted. If you created a password you will also receive an email to confirm your email address:Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 1.08.13 PM
  3. Once you confirm your account you can login to the portal at any time to see your request(s) and records in one place.