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How to create an automatic initial response

Create an initial response template that is sent automatically when a requester submits a request

We recommend creating an initial response template that is sent to requesters automatically when they submit a request. This helps to set timeline expectations and provide additional information when needed. You can also use this feature to set expectations when your office is closed.

Note: This action is currently only available to users with the Admin user role. 

Steps to create an initial response template: 

  1. Click Admin in the upper right hand corner
  2. Click Message Templates
  3. Click Create Message Template:Screenshot of message templates section
  4. Input a name for the template and the text you wish to appear in the initial response template in the boxes provided and click Save:Screenshot of template creation pop up
  5. Once you save you'll be brought back to the Message Templates section. Locate the template and click on the Initial Contact Toggle to set the template as the automatic response: Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 1.38.31 PM
  6. If you would like to send yourself a test email click Preview on the pop up, otherwise click No Thanks: Screenshot of update confirmation