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Feature Access by Role

What actions can each role take within the portal?

  Staff Publisher Dept Admin Admin
Basic Request Management        
View requests Depends on request visibility and assignment Depends on request visibility and assignment Depends on request visibility and assignment All
Log request on behalf of a requester X X X X
Change request description   X X X
Change request due date   X  X  X
Change requester   X  X  X
Add tags X X  X  X
Close a request   X  X  X
Change request visibility   X  X  X
Reopen a request   X  X  X
Pause a request   X  X  X
Print a request X X  X  X
Add, update, delete, and assign Tasks X X  X  X
Mark Tasks as complete X X X X
Request Assignment        
Assign request to department   X X X
Assign staff to requests x X  X  X
Remove staff from a request x X  X  X
Communication with Requester        
Post internal messages X X X
Post external messages   X X
Edit posted messages   Only their own Only their own  X
Send invoice to requester   X X
Mark and invoice as paid   X X
Upload documents X X X X
Add Links X X X
Redact documents X X X
Release documents   X X
Delete a document X X X
Upload Documents directly to Documents Index   X X X
Log hours Only for themselves X X X
Update logged hours     X
Download requests report (xlsx/csv) X X X
Account Setup and Management        
Create and update departments     Only their own  X
Create and update users     Only users in their dept or with no dept (excluding Admins)  X
Create and update alerts     X X
Create and update message templates     X X
Create and update closure response templates     X
Create and update tags     X
Create and update invoice templates     X
Customize webpage text and images       X
Update portal policy settings       X
View portal stats     X
Edit FAQ page       X