Draft Redaction in RapidReview

Can I save a draft in RapidReview before finalizing a document?

All redactions made in RapidReview will first be saved in draft form. This means that you can:

  • leave a document and come back to it later
  • hand a document off to another staff member to complete
  • send a document to a supervisor or attorney to review for completion

Watch this video for an overview of draft redaction, or read on below for more about the features we're most excited about. All of our RapidReview support documentation has been updated to include information about Draft Redaction.



Draft Redaction: Instead of having to burn in redactions at the end of your session, the redactions will persist as “draft” redactions. You can redact a document over several days, or ask another user to review your redactions before finalization.



Comments: Users can make comments on an any draft redaction. Comments can be used to suggest redactions, ask somebody to approve work, or to ask questions about a redaction pr privacy standard.Screen_Shot_2019-12-12_at_4.12.05_PM.png


Autosave: As you create, edit, and remove redactions and comments, your work will automatically be saved to the cloud. A handy time stamp will also indicate the last time you or anybody else made a change.

Bulk Redaction & Finalization
: Just like in current RapidReview, you can redact multiple documents at once. Now, the result of a bulk redaction will be “draft” redactions that will be saved to the document. Unlike in previous version of RapidReview, you can now include a redaction reason when batch redacting a document. When you’re done redacting multiple documents, you can “Finalize” them in bulk.