Download a Users Report (admins only)

Note: Only admins can access the User page and download a Users report

You can download a report containing information about all of your users, including how much time they have logged responding to requests. The user data will be exported as a spreadsheet file (.xlxs) which you can open in Excel and use for internal metrics and other analysis.

Currently the default is to export the complete list of all active users (including requesters), but you have the option to include deactivated users as well if you wish.

Steps for downloading a Users Report

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Click the REPORTS link in the header
  3. Click the Users List option
  4. Choose if you'd like to set a custom date range or All Time
  5. Choose which user roles you'd like included (option to inlcude requesters or "guests")
  6. OPTIONAL: choose if you'd like to include deactivated users in your report.
  7. Click GENERATE