Does RapidReview de-duplicate files when extracting a PST?

Learn about how RapidReview treats identical emails when a PST is extracted

RapidReview de-duplicates emails based on the email thread ID.

For example, if you have a PST that contains both the sent and received emails for a single person's inbox it will de-duplicate those based on the thread ID associated with the email.

However, if there are multiple versions of the thread, it will not de-duplicate. For example, if a thread started between person A and person B, but mid-way through person C was added to the thread, the email that includes person C becomes a new thread and is not de-duplicated. That email will be extracted from the PST as well for review.

Additionally, if you have multiple PSTs on a request, the de-duplication only occurs within each PST file. If you have emails shared between PSTs, you may see duplicates in extracted files for PST A and PST B because it won't de-duplicate across the two files.