Document Cards

In this article, we will cover:

What is a document card?

A document card is the box that each document occupies in any given list of documents. When you hover over each card, you can see the shadow appear behind the card. When you click on each card, you can view the document in the viewer to the right.

At the top of each card you can see the following information:

  • The upload date
  • Whether the document is batch redactable
  • Which stage the document is in (unprocessed, needs redaction, redacted, ready for release, original)
  • Type of document (PDF, TXT, PST, ZIP, PNG, etc)

What actions can I take on a document card?

Each card has a series of icons on the right side that represent different actions you can take on that individual document. Besides the information at the top of the card, only one of these icons (the ellipsis icon) will show up when you’re not hovering over the card. You need to hover over the card for the other icons to show up. Below are descriptions for the icons that appear on each document card:

  • Ellipsis () - This icon will open up a menu of other actions you can take on a request
    • Move to folder

    • Change visibility

    • Delete file

    • Download file

  • Change status icon () - move document from one stage to another

  • Edit document title () - click the pencil next to the document name then click the check mark
  • Check box (appears on the left side of the card next to the document name) - click this to select multiple documents if you want to take an action on multiple documents at the same time. Then use the icons in the tool bar at the top for bulk actions [link to bulk actions]