CyberSource Setup

Instructions for creating a Secure Acceptance Profile within CyberSource Enterprise Business Center

Note: In order to process payments through NextRequest you will need to purchase NextRequest's payments module. If you are interested in the payments module, please email
NextRequest can connect to a CyberSource Secure Acceptance Profile in order to process payments. This article covers the configuration of the Secure Acceptance Profile within the CyberSource Enterprise Business Center, or EBC.
  1. Navigate to Payment Configuration -> Secure Acceptance Settings within the CyberSource Enterprise Business Center, using the icons on the left-side bar.
  2. If you already have an existing Secure Acceptance Settings Profile you wish to use with NextRequest, please open it for editing and skip to step 7. Otherwise, please continue in order to configure a new profile.
  3. Press the "New profile" button at the top right.
  4. The following information can be used as a baseline during the configuration process:
    1. Profile Name: Any name of your choosing
    2. Integration Method: Hosted Checkout
    3. Company Name: NextRequest
    4. No Added Value Services are required, and the Contact Information fields can be left blank for the moment.
  5. After the Secure Acceptance Profile has been created, please note the "Profile ID" as it displays in the profile information near the top of the page. This is one of the pieces of information which will link NextRequest to the Secure Acceptance Profile.
  6. In the Payment Settings tab, configure any payment methods that you would like to accept.
    1. Ensure that the "Service Fee" checkbox is configured correctly, according to your CyberSource account manger.
  7. Please configure the following information in the Customer Response tab:
    1. Transaction Response Page: Hosted By You
      1. URL: https://[your account name]
    2. Custom Cancel Response Page: Hosted by CyberSource
    3. Custom Redirect After Checkout:
      1. URL: https://[your account name]
  8. In the Security tab, click "Create key".
      1. The Key Name can be any name of your choosing.
  9. Copy or download the Access Key and Secret Key which appear in the panel on the right side.
  10. Please send the noted Profile ID, and the Access Key and Secret Key to NextRequest Support in order to have your account configured to integrate with the new profile.