Change redaction type

How to change a text redaction to a rectangle so you can move it freely

When you run a search in RapidReview or the standard redaction tool, it applies a text redaction to the page. Text redactions cannot be moved freely on the page, but sometimes you may need to do this if you have applied OCR (more information here) to the document, or the redactions need to cover additional area on the page. 

How to change the redaction type:

  1. In RapidReview click on the document that has draft redactions you need to change
  2. Locate the draft redaction and click on it, if you see blue circles around the redaction it is selected
  3. In the menu pop up click on the square selector icon (Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 7.55.53 PM):
    Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 7.55.29 PM
  4. Once the redaction is converted you can click on it and drag to a new location and change the size and shape of the mark by pulling on the blue circles