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FAQ: Deleting requests

Frequently asked questions about deleting requests

Can I delete requests? 

Short answer, no. You cannot delete requests manually after a portal is live. This is because public records requests are themselves public records so you need to maintain a record of the requests you receive in the portal. 

You can delete test requests while your portal is in Onboarding. Simply click the Delete All button on the All Requests page. It is a delete all feature so we do not recommend mixing test requests with real requests to reduce confusion.

What about deleting requests due to retention requirements? 

The system can delete requests and documents automatically according to your retention schedule. Learn more in our help article here: Retention

What should I do with duplicate, test, or other requests that do not need to be maintained in the portal?

In general we recommend tagging the request in some way so that you can easily identify these requests. If you are in Washington State and submit the J-LARC/ HB-1594 report, you can exclude certain tags from your report. To reduce confusion with the public and staff, you can set the request visibility to Restricted which will prevent the request from showing up for anyone who is not listed in the staff section of the request or the requester.