Admin Set-up 9: Creating Redaction Reasons

Redaction Reasons are custom reasons you can create to associate with individual redactions made in the redaction tool, describing why the redaction was made. Once your redactions have been saved, a Redaction Log will be created and automatically added to the end of your new document, with a list of each reason, its description and how many times it was used in the document. The redaction tab and ability to create redaction reasons will only show up in portals that have paid for the Redaction Module.

NextRequest includes several redaction reasons by default, including "Client Privilege" and "Privacy Information." Additional custom redaction reasons can be input in the Admin panel and then cited in documents. Custom redaction reasons that have been input can be edited and deactivated. Deactivated redaction reasons will not appear in the redaction reasons list within a document but can be re-activated at any time.




Creating a custom redaction reason:
  1. Click the ADMIN link in the upper right
  2. Click the Redaction link in the Admin sub header, then click 'Redaction Reasons'
  3. Click the CREATE REDACTION REASON button
  4. Enter the redaction Name and Description (The name of the redaction reason will appear overlaid on the redacted part of the document, and the description of the redaction reason will appear in the redaction log at the end of the document)
  5. Click the SAVE button


Editing a Redaction reason

To edit an existing redaction reason, locate it in the redaction reasons list, then click the Edit icon (pencil_icon_white_background.png) to the right of the redaction reason. Make any updates that you want to the reason and description, then click the SAVE button.


Deactivating a Redaction Reason

To deactivate an existing redaction reason, locate it in the redaction reasons list, click the deactivate button to the right of the reason, then click OK to confirm. Deactivated reasons will still appear in redacted documents they’ve been used on, but cannot be added to any future redactions after deactivation.