Admin Set-up 8: Creating Tags for Categorizing Requests

You can use tags to categorize requests for easy filtering and reporting. Some common tags that agencies use are for tracking requests from the media, that need legal review, or requests that are particularly high priority. You can also use tags to track requests on popular topics, or related to programs within your agency. Once a tag has been created, it can be added to requests by any user.

Adding a Tag

  1. Click the ADMIN link in the header
  2. Click the Tags link in the sub-header
  3. Click the CREATE TAG button
  4. Enter a tag name and (optional) description
  5. Click the SAVE button

Editing a Tag

To edit an existing tag, locate it in the tags list, then click the Edit icon (pencil_icon_white_background.png) to the right of the tag name. Make any updates that you want to the tag name and description, then click the SAVE button.

Deactivating and Reactivating Tags

To deactivate an existing tag, locate it in the tags list, click the deactivate button to the right of the tag name, then click OK to confirm. Deactivated tags will still appear on requests they’ve been added to, but cannot be added to any future requests after deactivation.

To reactivate a tag, go to the tag list and click the 'Show deactivated tags' toggled under the search box. Locate the tag in the list and click the Activate button next to it